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-: About Us :-

Art is very popular and favourite among kids, youngsters and housewives. Naman Art School established in 2015 and had it’s first batch at APS Bareilly. That time we’re having Home Art Classes and Offline Art Batches for 5years to 15years Kids only. Since that time we started focusing on the basics and fundamentals of Fine arts. We found that most of the artists ignore it. Instead of fancy designs we actually worked on imagination skills of the students. We taught them mind and physical hand exercises that can help them to increase their quality of their strokes and the inner strength of their heart to switch towards spirituality slowly. We set our own fundamentals and mind building exercises for the artists. Now we’re not just an Art School, we’re a platform on that an Artist can showcase their talent. We give them many opportunities by doing many social programs, exhibitions, competitions, Corporate Events and Corporate Decors time to time.

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